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Online Alexa rank Test free:

The new Alexa Rank Checker tools are free to service that gives you the site statistics and analysis of your website current rating in the world internationally and locally. The Alexa rank test is easy to use and have the right results. Each domain has its own Alexa ranking for a country and globally. The Alexa is Actionable Analytics for the Website the give accurate current site search in recent days.

Alexa is the Amazon company's website that offers site analytics free and paid for with different monthly and yearly plans. Alexa offers the toolbar and online website to use these statistics for you. If we visit and navigate to site info then we can put a URL in the website to test. The results come in the number of tables for you. Like the Moz rank checker tool, this is best to see the website worth in real terms.

On the first instance, the Alexa Traffic Ranks Global Rank and Rank in a specific country will be displayed. That means the site is ranking globally in number for the world and what the current ranking is for the specific county. The graph for that ranking is displayed on the left side.

Alexa Website ranking Test Review. 

The Alexa Website ranking Test is the best way to estimate the traffic stat to your website. The next part includes the top 5 countries that rank well that domain with the country name and local ranking. The again left side is filled with a globe map. You can review the website with a free tool and make some adjustments to rank well. 

Below you will see How engaged are visitors to that website like bounce rate, Daily Pageviews per Visitor and Daily Time on Site.

The next part of the page includes Where do visitors come from for your website with graph image and with Top Keywords from Search Engines and the Percent of Search Traffic for that specific keyword. Next is "What sites link to" ie how many backlinks your website have and which domain is linking you.

In the free version, you can see top 5 backlinks where your website link is present and in the free version you can see the full list of backlinks that is a great tool for me to get much more backlinks free by getting information from this source. You can see free Backlink Maker to may backlinks automatically. This will boost your site ranking. Moreover many other information is available on this website. 

The free Alexa Rank Checker tool will give you this information in a short way. you will see the site global rank and local rank of the specific country with the label of Popularity at a country. Next, you will see the number of Backlinks that your website have. And the graphics chart of Traffic Rank and Search Engine Traffic by Alexa.

Why Test Alexa Ranking?

Does the question arise that hey to check your site Alexa ranking? And the answer is simply that we will get the comparative statement of my website to my competitors that how much my site is up or down as compared to others. And how much I have gained with my months of efforts.

Alexa Ranking tool will elaborate following scraps that will really give me ideas to imagine while working on my website:

Automatic Checks My Ranking:

It's very hard to use a tool regularly for testing our website ranking. We can out test daily or monthly stat that how much my website has gained traffic from search engines and via direct or social traffic.

But via this tool, it does not matter like the above discussed. The world’s most famous E-commerce store Amazon has created this free website to test all worlds website and rank them automatically. is the ownership of and they deal all Alexa plans management.

The free version can give only site ranking, 05 top keyword search terms, 05 best number of backlinks, 05 best countries, and some users level best similar website.

But full version of Alexa rank tester gives us complete detail of the site about keyword ranking, backlinks reports, and many other premium features.  

Competitive Breakdown:

Alexa is a very good tool that gives full detail of our competitor's activity via some clicks and lives.  We can make judgment of the website URL’s that how much they gain traffic and what is the reason for getting that traffic i.e. that is via organic search, social networking,  direct, how much that page has content, how much that page is optimized for on-page SEO and how much and of which quality backlinks are pointing to that specific URL.  

Advertisers Suggestions:

The advertiser globally needs to know where to advertise and how much they will pay to get some good traffic for their products. So, Alexa Rank elasticities an idea of how much the website is able to pay and how the results will come out.

So for advertisers, the Alexa is an authentic source of a website ranking known globally is Alexa in traffic and backlinks perspectives.  So, each advertiser took the deep insight of all website before publishing their data.

 Territorial Analysis:

It is the best feature of Alexa Rank that which site country is best in performance. The free tool gives us 05 top countries where we can see that were from the traffic is coming to the site. And where the content is read out broadly. So, we can check the country of traffic easily with this free tool.

The best way for getting Alexa rank test for your site evaluation. This online Alexa Rank Checker tool will help you a lot and you will enjoy it.

How To Use Alexa Ranking Checker:

We have made this tool easy to use and very simple where you can test your Alexa ranking easily. If you are using this tool first time then you must follow the following step to test your site ranking.

Step #1: you must be this page of Alexa rank checker

Step #2: Then enter the site URL that you want to test and Press Submit.

Step #3: Window will refresh automatically and you will see your required output.

 Here Now you will see your site ranking with the following o4 results.

  1. Global Rank
  2. Popularity at
  3. Regional Rank
  4. Backlinks

The first one will be the real Alexa delegated ranking that is known as Global Alexa ranking.

Then the other “Popularity at” is the tab where you will see the country where your site is performing best of all than other countries. That is also known as regional ranking country.

The 3rd tab is the Alexa rank for the top first country.

The 4th tab is about Backlinks. That means that how much backlinks your website have according to

So enjoy the free Alexa ranking tool to find your site ranking in your local and global areas with free backlinks estimation.

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