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About Domain Authority Checker

This bulk Domain Authority Checker tool is available to help you to check the DA of multiple URLs in a single command. You may already know that Domain authority is the most used and recommended site metric score counter to find the quality of a website by bloggers and SEO professionals. The Moz company has developed this useful tool. You can check the Domain Authority of your own blog with this tool.

The Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100. The 1 is the lowest score and the highest scores are below 100 value. The Moz scape system generates the DA of your website after crawling your website automatically. The Domain Authority is determined by the number of factors that they count. We may already know some famous factors but some are here.

  • Your own website strength.
  • The number of Root domain linking.
  • No. of total links & their popularity.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA or Domain authority is the score of your domain is defined by Moz. This Moz score basically defines the authority of your domain. The all Domain authority of domains are divided in a scale ranging from 1 to 100. The Moz scores have been pulled out from Moz which distinguishes how much search engines have graded or ranked your website or domain. So what Domain authority checker tool will have to accomplish a scale results for you. This light Free bulk domain authority checkerfree page authority and MozRank checker are best when you use for your own domain. 

 Domain authority is graded by these features:

  • Power or Strength of Website.
  • How much is current Ranking by Search Engines?
  • Domain backlinks Popularity.
  • Linking to Root Domains.
  • Total Number backlinks.

How To Operate Bulk Domain Authority Checker?

This Bulk Domain Authority Checker is very easy to use to check the Domain authority of a website. First of all, you should be to visit having these tools of  Domain Authority Checking tool like (example: www.seotoolcheckers.com). Now enter the URL or domain in the box supplied in the end. You can check the bulk URL's by this tool at a time. You can add a maximum of 20 domains in this bulk domain authority checker tool. After figuring the URL, click on the ‘Submit’ button for further procedures. All results will be exposed in the shortest interval of time on this page. This free bulk Domain Authority Checker tool will render a report of the intensity of your website on a scale of 1 to 100. So now you can check your Domain Authority by this free tool.

How we can Increase Domain Authority of our website?

Like other major websites, you can also have high domain authority that may be from 60 to above range. That is not very difficult, but we have to consistent our link building strategy in routine.
The number of links does not matter, but the quality of the links surely matter. We should ever try to get high authority website backlinks. Because the hundreds of low-quality backlinks will not give you the power, that only a single high authority page can provide.

You may see that normally each website have a Domain Authority from 20 to 40.  To get DA to 20 is not very hard. You can get it by building 10 to 20 normal backlinks. But the get above, you need to get high quality and a high number of backlinks.

 We have built this MOZ Domain Authority checker tool to help you in this regard. You must check your Domain Authority before building any kind of Link. You must try to make 70% of dofollow and 30% of nofollow backlinks. And the link-building scheme should be divided into the number of weeks or month, not the days. Because if you make all backlinks on the same day, it may be considered spam in Google’s system.

This free Domain Authority bulk checker tool is very fast and can check up to 20 links at a time. You must try ever to make the right decisions if you have to build backlinks of some websites or not. You have no need to register or fill out complicated forms to check your Domain Authority of the domain.

We sure, that you will suggest this free Domain Authority tool that can check bulk URLs, to your friends who are looking for free DA checker tools for a long time.

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