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It is mandatory to know that all the website that we access online with different names are why not to accessed via the same IP. And how the ICANN assign them a different name and why we cannot access our competitor’s domain name for my own website. The Domain to IP addresses is for the specific purpose to find the IP information about your sole domain name. 

Each domain name has its own unique IP address that assigns them names of all international TLD domains. And this tool is designed to explore the IP address behind your domain name. And you may need to know what is the IP address and how it works for us. The Domain To IP Converter is being explained in detail below. 

What is IP address?

ICANN is a global company that is responsible to handle all international websites via unique IP address.  All international domain is saved in records of the largest database that are served online. The IP address is unique combination of 04 groups of numbers separated with “.” of dot and identifies each domain from one to other.

 Internet Protocol or IP is identified by each machine on the web via special features. Ever you connect to any device or gadgets you will be identified by an IP address. If you have not been assigned via any unique IP address then it will be impossible to access your device online. And if your device has no address then you will not be able to come online. You can ever explain your location by referring your home address, city, area, and other credentials. And if you have not explained your position, then its hard to anyone to find your home address. So same is the case with an IP address. Try one more tool Reverse IP Domain Checker online

Normally the IP address comprises of four single or group on numbers. The group may be from one number to a maximum of three figures. A “.” Dot will differentiate these four groups from one to others. Each group may range from o to 255. An IP address is seen like this format. or or any else. These formats are the final that assign the address of a website, device, or a domain. So, the unique address will finally define the right way to access your desired position. If we talk about the history of an IP then it was primarily launched in 1983 first time with a famous format know as IPV4. This is very fast to access. Still is the used for most of the website. These days IPV6 is also used that is its latest version with a minor update. The power of your domain is counted by domain authority chcker these days. 

Difference between Dynamic and Static IP Address:

Commonly these days the dynamic IP address is used on most of the broadband connections. They are cheap and fast. But what is the main Difference between Dynamic and Static IP Address is here to be explained. The static IP address has the same address all time and will not be changed via router restart or other actions. All web hosting companies use a unique IP address for their control panel access that is propagated for all shared accounts and you can view the main website with unique IP address also.

The only Static IP addresses can be figured out with the origin country, continent, area and connection what where the device is located that provided you the unique IP address.  

The Static IP address is paid with high cost and used by the major brand to access their data with the unique memory address. All major companies, Government websites, secure data website used the static website to be safe from theft.  Check also your domain age by free domain age calculator tool

In the service of Dynamic IP address, the IP’s may be changed after few hours’ days, according to the location of your service. Whenever you login to your service the IP address may be changed in Dynamic IP service. The aforesaid format is cheap and secure. And the static address is always vulnerable for the spammers and hackers and the address is not often changed and they can access it easily.

The IP address of the service you use can be changed from one location to others. As you may have different service provided at home and at the airport you may use free wifi that may access the hundreds of visitors at a time. So the dynamic address is changing all the time for you. So you are now able to convert domain to IP via this tool easily by this Domain into IP Converter tool online.  

How to Use Domain to IP Tool?

And the final is that how to use this free tool that will help you to find the IP address of any domain you want. You can view your site IP via many online tools and resources. Mostly the Microsoft user can use CMS built-in utility where you can put Ping command to find the IP address of your internet.  You can also your “Tracer” command to find it. And the IP address will come in front of you. But the IP address will not explore the whole information you are looking for. 

This free tool will give you more comprehensive detail about your query. You will find more information on this single utility page. You will get Domain IP, Country, and ISP of the domains. What you have to do is that simply go to and search “Domain to IP” Addresses tool. If you are already on this reading page then is all well. Enter your domain URL and press enters. 
The tool will bring the results in a second. You will see the Domain name, Domain IP, IP country and the Internet Service provider for the domain. 
The name of ISP (Internet Service Providers) may be changed from your domain hosting IP as you are searching about your domain IP not Hosting IP.