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About Keyword Density Checker

When you are writing an article for your website, the Keyword Density Checker tool will analyze the special words that you are using for search purposes. The tool is very simple, you have to enter your desired page URL and press enter. The high-performance tool will display your word usage in your article very fast.

The Keyword Density Checker tool is designed to calculate the total keywords found in your article that you want to rank. Further below we will discuss the importance and need of using the free SEO tool.

We are here to help you to create a more powerful article, that Google and other search engines love to rank. I have seen personally the keyword stuffed website rank well for a few days, but when crawlers deeply crawl the full site, then they are hidden behind search results. And then very hard to rank with simple techniques. So webmasters should be aware that the authors are adding so many keywords in each line that is hard to rank. If you have ranked some keywords, then you must track them regularly if they are stable in its position. So try keyword position checker tool to find your ranking position. 

This keyword density tool will help the authors to find the issues with keywords. You can see the keyword density simply by adding your article URL. The results will be displayed in descending order to see which word is mostly used. And if they are the main keyword, then we should remove them or replace them with some other synonyms.

The simple way to Calculate Keyword density:

First of all, we should know how much longer our article is. We can find this quantity by word counter free tool. Then we should count the word we want to rank for. And then divide the number of keywords with the total number of words in the article and multiply by 100. This will show us much keyword density of our article is.

This free tool will not only calculate the main keywords but will calculate the total number of keywords used and how many times. Find also keyword suggestions tool if you need more keyword for your articles. 

The online bulk Keyword Density tool will checks all keyword for you, where you can estimate that which words are reused again and again. The tool will display the following output for you. 

  • The Total number of keywords on URL.
  • All keyword used in your article.
  • The total number of specific keyword counts.
  • Percentage of the specific keyword used in your article.

How to use Keyword Density Checker tool online:

You can use the online keyword density calculator free in a simple way as other tools are used in our free tool service. There you have to only put the link that you want to calculate the density of keywords. Put your URL and press the “submit” button and the results will be in front of you.

After pressing the submit button the keyword density analyzer tool will look the whole page for each word in the body tag and assort them in descending order of keywords found. All founded keywords will be displayed in table format with the fields of keyword count and keyword percentage in your content.

The Keyword Density Checker tool will be more useful for finding your competitor's keywords, and you can find how your competitors are getting more of you with which word by usage in the article.

When you complete your keyword density analysis, you will see the percentage of keyword that is used in your article. You can see whether keyword destiny is high or low and how you should review your article for the user and search engine reading.

When to use the keyword counter tool?

This keyword counter tool by seotoolcheckers is very supportive while you work as the author, website owner or SEO professional. You may need to verify your content to remove keyword stuffing and remain safe from Google Penguin updates. So this tool will assist us for following reasons to use. 
You can use it to find your competitor's keyword research. This tool can get all the keywords used in their article and you can imagine why it helps you making your article best for safe and long-term ranking. 
Keyword stuffing Removal is one of the best features of this tool. You can get information of your article for over-optimization, which will not safe for the Google search console and can harm your ranking after any Panda or Penguin updates. So the quality of your content will remain safe and you can get ever raking by simple SEO techniques. 
This is a very easy and simple tool to use. You can review your article for all of the words on a single page. It will give the overlook of your content. 

What is Ideal keyword density from SEO perspective?

The Keyword Density is a very old term in SEO and it is considered to always matter in your ranking. The Ideal Keyword Density only matters with the length of your article. This question has arisen on many forums but the answer was not clear in a qualitative way. And it seems that it has no common percentage used for your article. It only matters on your niche topic and the length of your article. It is clear that the use of keywords synonyms is best that keyword stuffing. That in other terms are called LSI keywords. But the part of the long tail keyword should not be repeated again and again.

My last decade research revealed that for an article of 1000 words the Ideal keyword density in about 03 percent. It can be low or high but I love to maintain in around 01 percent that is very safe. And always push my ranking up with the backlinking and social campaign. But you can use your own techniques.