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About Keyword Position Checker

Best Online keyword Rank Position (SERP) checker Tools free:

Keyword Position Checker is the free tool helping to check your current site ranking on Google for free. The every seo master have a good blog ever see the site stats from Google analytics or other site page view and visitor on his blog. Some keyword are offering great traffic to your blog that are the reason you get high site revenue. But if your site ranking is down to second or third page from 1st one then your see a dramatically change in your traffic.

To stay of the specific keyword on a single position is not possible as Google real time ranking factors change your position. If you are viewing your stat daily you may recognize it. The seo ranking checker give help in find your keyword position for that ranking keyword from Google and Yahoo search engines. You may see the pages upto 50 number that you may increase. If your site have some keyword that are giving you a good traffic shown by seo ranking checker the you may get a good traffic on the 3rd or 4th position. This small seo tool is best and free the is paid by most of famous companies. 

You should check your google search ranking traffic estimation from Google keyword planner to find how much traffic potential that keyword have. If your own third or fourth position and that keyword have millions of search volume per month in keyword planners! then you should try to gain first position for that keyword because you have do it by making good backlink free for that url and get change to have millions of traffic. You must try Alexa rank check free to see what is your site status in the local and internationally. 

You should keep track checking your site keyword position. The Keyword Position Checker have ability to chick bulk keyword rank checker for you. The will help out you from getting good key word for google ranking and you can come on first page for that keyword that is easy for you.

Featuers of Free Keyword Rank Checker Tool:

  • Completely free tool
  • Bulk Keyword at a time
  • Position checking up to 500 Rank
  • Search from Google & Yahoo
  • Fast keyword SERP checker

How to check Keyword Rank position:

This is very easy tool to use. You can use Keyword Position Checker in a few steps. The only thing you need is the site URL of website you want to check ranking for a keyword. Copy the URL of website and enter in the box! then add keyword per line as many you want. You can see the SERP Position up to 50 numbers but you can increase up to 500 number from Google and Yahoo. But this will take some time to check Google Keyword Rank and Website Position for your site. So normally use 50 positions maximum.