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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

You may have listened this first time if you are new in web development fields. A Reverse IP Domain Checker is a tool by which, with help of a domain name or IP address that is pointing to your server, can find the other website that is hosted on the same web server. This tool fetches the data form search engines results and completely compile for you in a few seconds. There can be some difference between the results, as this is not a genuine report. The need to know that most of the web developers and SEO experts need to check before publishing something for good ranking, especially in the case of free shared web hosting packages provided with free of cost or very cheap.

Do you know that search engines find your domain name with your IP address each time? The domain name is only a label, but behind the scene, the unique IP address is working for you to bring your site's address. Some people think that there will be no difference if I have hosted all my domains on a single IP or a shared IP. But Google announced that these sites will be treated as the property of a single webmaster, and the interlinking will display a negative view of your domain. So I will suggest you to use Reverse IP Lookup tool to find if you have the option to buy your own IP address. And if bought, then is it shared with someone else.

The Reverse IP Domain Checker tool will do:

  • The tool will fetch all the domains hosted on a searched IP address.
  • The domains that are hosted on competitors IP address.
  • List all domain on same IP address or Domain at the same time.

How to Use Reverse IP Domain Check?

The Reverse IP Domain Check tools are very simple and fast to use. Simply copy past your URL and press enter. You will see the magic and whole websites related to the same IP address or Domain you entered will fetch out in front of you. There are no more steps to signup, login or adding some complex information about your server. You will really surprise to see when you enter your own domain, you will see the Reverse IP Domain Check tool have brought all your other websites that are hosted on the same IP address. It’s a really amazing and useful tool.

You will get the complete list of sites that are hosted on the same IP address. The major benefit of using this tool is that it will notify you that if you or your competitor is using a shared web host or dedicated hosting on a unique IP address. It will help us to be more superior to show if we are using dedicated services for our web hosting. Check which is your hosting company and where from you have registered a domain by Domain Hosting Checker tool online. 

The tool takes maximum, 3 seconds and the magic results are in front of you. All sites related to a single IP address will be displayed. We must try avoiding building links on the same IP address, multi time. As this is considered spam, and the same IP may be considered C class IP that can have a negative impact on your site ranking. So try Reverse IP Domain Checker free tool before going to decide a hosting and be safe from the shared hosting bad impacts on your efforts. See a new tool Geo IP locate free. 

Benefits of using Reverse IP to Domains Lookup:

If you have found the reason why we prefer to use unique IP address and how Reverse IP to Domains Lookup tool will help you in this regard, then it’s very clear that you must think if you are getting right from the current hosting provider with shared IP or share hosting or to transfer your website data to a new server with a unique spam free IP address. Moreover, this tool will help you to find the website that an IP has or the owner of a website has how many other websites hosted on the same IP address. You just get signal that he is working or updating on other websites as well. In a competition environment its necessary to have information which is your competitor and how you would handle your service to compete your competitors to get good ranking in all major search engines.