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Please create a 'robots.txt' file in your root directory. Copy the text provided above and paste it into this file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Create a Robots.txt generator online:

Robots txt Generator is a very easy online tool that can build a valid Robots.txt file for your website. You can copy and adjust finely Robots.txt files from other sites or create your own Robot file. All search engine spiders crawl your website each time, they mostly start in the first step by recognizing your website robots.txt file that will be placed in the root domain folder of your hosting control panel. If the spiders identify that file, the crawler reads the files and sees if some page is blocked to be index site. All these Blocked files can be generated with the free custom robots.txt generator for bloggers. The file allowed in your sitemap may be different from your Robots.txt file.

The online robots generator/custom robots.txt blogger generator can be used by each blogger to set the special instructions for search engines that how they will look at your site. And which kind of response is directed for some specific or public URLs. The blogger robots.txt generator is free and will really help your website to be accessible easily for good ranking.  

How to use Robots txt Generator:

  1. Select if you want to allow or disallow your site to crawl:
  2. Set the Crawl-Delay time:
  3. Write your Sitemap URL if you have:
  4. Allow or refuse Search Robots for all types of search engines:
  5. Put the Restricted Directories with '/' (slash) if you want to refuse from indexing:

Moreover, you can set the special permission for following search engines to allow or stop the crawl. 

  • Google Search
  • Google Image
  • Google Mobile
  • MSN Search
  • Yahoo
  • Yahoo MM
  • Yahoo Blogs
  • Ask/Teoma
  • GigaBlast
  • DMOZ Checker
  • Nutch
  • Alexa/Wayback
  • Baidu
  • Naver
  • MSN Pic Search

At the time of utilizing the Robots txt Generator, to see one next to the other examination on how your site right now handles seek bots versus how the proposed new robots.txt will function, sort or glue your site area URL or a page on your site in the content box, and afterward click Create Robot.txt catch. To exchange a typical Disallow order into an allow mandate for the custom purchaser specialist, make a shiny new permit order for the exceptional client operator for the substance. The coordinating Disallow mandate is dispensed with for the custom individual specialist. You should use Website Reviewer to find if your site Robots.txt file is working fine and then try to avoid the errors. 

These robot creators in text format will be uploaded to the root directory of your site. And the link will be submitted to Google to crawl your site as you wish. The online meta robots file will help your SE's to see your site with special attention. 

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