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About XML Sitemap Generator

About Free XML Sitemap Generator:

Hi Friends and my co-blogger who are using many kinds of CMS other than WordPress now can create Free Google XML Sitemap with this online XML Sitemap Generator that is very helpful for your website. All of the bloggers and webmasters know how important is the sitemap for your website. In WordPress and some common CMS platforms, you can create it with a plug-in or other tools but for other HTML, PHP, and script-based websites, you have to create it manually with some tools like Free XML Sitemap Generator. You can create a sitemap of up to 5000 URLs from this free tool, especially for sitemap generators for bloggers.

Features of Google XML Sitemap Generator:

This XML Sitemap Generator is completely free to use and can create google sitemap generator up to 5000 URLs. By creating a sitemap with these free SEO tools you can take complete benefits from Google & Yahoo Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to have a better site path view and get index quickly on a daily or weekly basis as you have selected while creating this sitemap. To generate free sitemap XML you have No coding experience to create this sitemap. Simple steps How to Create a free Sitemap with XML Sitemap Generator are listed above.  You can download Free Sitemap Generator  XML HTML RSS Sitemap save it to your local computer and upload it to the server. You can edit it with any notepad according to your needs. The use of an XML generator online for creating a sitemap.xml file will assist you in making your desired website structure for search engines. 

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Before building your google sitemap generator you must check your whole website with the Website Reviewer tool so that you have to change anything before submission of your sitemap in google search results via online sitemap generator by 

How to Create free Sitemap with XML Sitemap Generator:

  • Enter your website URL in the "Enter a domain name" box.
  • Enter Modified date i.e. Today's date or custom date.
  • Then in the right tab enter the date in format (dd/mm/yyyy).
  • Set the Change frequency for the site to crawl.
  • Se the Default priority for the URLs (Main site URL should set to 1).
  • Select How many pages do I need to crawl on your website.

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The free tool of making your sitemap in XML supports making up to 5000 links per XML page.

No registration is required and you get sitemaps ready immediately.

To generate your sitemap you have no need to sign up or pay free.

The generated file is easily downloadable after completion

It’s very simple to build your site structure or sitemap of the HTML page with just a click and you can save files easily by our free XML Sitemap Generator for bloggers.