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About URL Rewriting Tool

What is URL Rewriting Tool?

If your article has long permalinks then this tool is free for you to shorten them permanently. You will be able to shorten your long links by using this free URL Rewriting tool to static and easy to understand. The webmasters and the owners use this tool to convert their URLs to that are rememberable and search friendly for search results.

The user can bookmark these links and sometimes will easily type after your site URL. The SEO Experts love these links because they can get good rankings according to Google guidelines. In the list of Google ranking factors, a short URL is one. That can give some good favors for ranking your site.

Moreover, this tool will convert your dynamic URL to static one which can be a very good initiative to make your links Google friendly as discussed in the above paragraph. If you have some site links with Dynamic format that have a long length, then it's time to convert them to Static and short which is very useful for users and Search engines. And the URL rewriting tool will help you in this regard. See also mobile friendly checker tool

The need to use this Custom URL generator online:

This free URL generator online by SEO tool checker is free and very effective to your website to make short and static URLs for the right ranking. This online URL Builder will make your desired work very fast with few clicks. You can build your website's custom URL and static permalink with this free URL Rewriting Tool. 
 The highly customizable online converter will help you to make your website dynamic URL according to your needs. And you may know that the short and static pages are highly ranked than the long and question-marked long URLs that are auto-generated and hard to remember and bookmark. 
Online Rewrite URL can be easily used to get a fast result that you can implement to your website. As this is online tool you have no need to sign up, download or make some special arrangement to use this tool. You can try it anytime without the hassle of cost and limited bandwidth.  This is a special tool needed by advanced webmasters and developers to make their projects highly user and search-engine friendly. 
The major features of this free tool can make you more passionate about using this tool. As this is for building your URL for the search engines. That Google, Yahoo, and Bing love to rank. Secondly, this can make your links customized for the users with the desired keyword to ranks. And you can add any custom words to rank for. You may see Forum URLs that are very long, dynamic, and with some symbols like “%”, “?” and “:”, These characters are not easy to remember for humans and also for search engines.

SO this tool will do best for you to convert your URLs to some special one. And lastly, this tool is totally free and you can make use of this free URL generator online to make your URLs static, short, and keyword based any time without signup and registration. 

What is the Difference between Static and Dynamic URLs?

I hope you surely see some page that has always the same URLs, you visit any time after months are years. You can access it anywhere or on any device. The small company websites have only 5 to 10 page that has clean URLs, that is an example of this static website. The dynamic website on the other have some codes, numbers, and characters in the permalinks. And they are hard to analyze by search engine spiders. They represent the file directory hierarchy of the control panel and may be a great hurdle to index in search results. 

The major search engine guideline is only for the simple, short and static webpage. SO don’t try to waste time in generating long and unmeasurable links and try to use this free Rewriting URLs tool to make your site more visible for everyone. Review your URL to check by URL link checker with complete seo detail. 

You might find some static websites on the internet. A website that is providing information without any signals; it is likely a static website. These are common in small businesses and companies; they just want to show their presence on the internet. They don’t want anyone stealing their business name, and they don’t do any business on the web.

Why we change the URL structure?

The question arises, as to why we change the URL of a dynamic page. I will explain this mechanism with a few examples. We use short and static URLs because they are easy to remember, have the keyword in them and they can be search engine friendly also. They can be easily bookmarked and help to index fast in search results. According to the international webmaster guidelines, they can rank well against the dynamic URLs.  This work will be done with the help of “.htaccess”. we generate our code with the help of URL Rewriter and put it in this file.

This fine is always seen in the root directory of your hosting control panel, where it is hidden and can be seen with search or by making the setting to see hiding files. This dynamic URL format can only be work with the Apache Server of the hosting provider. You can view your URL redirect status online

 The mechanism behind the ranking of your short link is that the search engines will find your file directory very fast and easily, and they can share your page as an authentic source of information. The simple, short, and clean permalinks are easy to understand and can have keywords in them.

They have search queries and can be easily seen by search engine spiders. If they find it complicated and hard to analysis then, then they can be diverting to some other linking domains. So to make your permalinks visible to search engine spiders for a good ranking, then keep your URLs rewritten with this free URL Rewriting Tool online. 
If you have clean and simple URLs (static URLs), major search engines will find and analyze folder names and will be able to make actual links to keywords. When still using query string constraints, it may hinder in search engine’s attempt to perform indexing on your web pages. Most SEO experts say that dynamic URLs are not appealing to search engine spiders, whereas static URLs are more attractive to these crawlers which is helpful in getting a good page rank score.

How to use the free URL Rewriting Tool?

This useful tool is very easy to use. Like all our other tools of seotoolcheckers, this free URL Rewriting Tool is also very simple.  You can make your long dynamic URL into small, short and static with easy steps. Simply copy your long URL and put in this space provided and press enter.  

Our auto URL generating tool will do rest for you. And convert your long URL into a very useful and short URL. 
 For most of the webmasters its very important factor to consider while developing a website because it will directly impact on your website ranking. So if all the page of your website are not static and you wish to make them dynamic to static one, then this URL Rewriting tool really do all for you.  

You will increase your search engine visibility easily by using this free online SEO  tool. 
The Apache’s mod rewrite module converting system will work on the “.htaccess” file and do all for your links. After converting your URLs by this tool, you have to copy the generated code to  “.htaccess” file and you have done all for your website. Try to find htaccess redirect generator tool to find the status of your site redirection.