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About Wordpress Theme Detector

Every WordPress developer and blogger wants to know his competitor’s website information especially its designs and its backend working with free and premium plugins. But it's very hard to know via its source code. So, SEO Tool Checkers has launched a free service to help these kinds of developers and bloggers they can find which WordPress and which WP plugin is used to design and run a website. This free tool's name is  "WordPress theme Detector".

How to check What WordPress theme is that?

If you are a WordPress blogger and want to know a WordPress blog theme then to know about “What WordPress theme is that” we have launched this utility. You have to simply add a website URL for which you want to know in the respective field of the WordPress theme detector page.  that which WordPress theme is used to design its layout. You will find the complete theme detail of the theme developer website URL and its theme website link by this WP theme detector. So in a few seconds, you will know about “What WordPress theme is that”.

How to check about “What theme is this website using”?

As discussed above to know about any website information about themes and plugins our tool will give you complete information. Simply add your or other website URL and you will find the complete answer to your question What theme is this website using?  If you enter a URL other than the WordPress platform you will get an error that “This does not look like a WordPress Site, It may be a highly customized theme.” So ever use only WordPress website URLs.

How Online WP Theme Detector Works?

“What theme is this” is the need of any developer and blogger who is competing with other websites. If you or any other blogger have a unique and beautiful design that people would surely want to know about “What WordPress theme is that?”

The only solution for this cause is to use our free WordPress theme detector tool. This theme detector tool will search and scan a website source code from where it will find the plugins and themes information of a website. It mainly checks the CSS stylesheet to find the theme URI and developers' information of a theme.

This WordPress theme detector tool is working all time and you will get correct information about a WordPress website. The main reason to use this tool is that it works free of cost for unlimited websites.

Search What Plugin is that?

In view of design, you see theme info but for working backend functionalities you see the plugins and scripts of a WordPress blog. So, it's necessary to know What Plugin is for looking in detail of a WordPress blog. What plugin is used in a website, which theme is that, and all plugins used by a wp blog?

It's good news that this work is done in a few clicks simple and free of cost by this What Plugin is that and What WordPress Theme is That? Free tool. You will find all the plugins installed and activated in a blog you search. And you will be able to know which plugin has made complicated work very easy in a simple installation of free or premium wp plugin.

What things are checked by WordPress Theme Detector?

Now we will see the main features of the WordPress Theme Detector that we need in our developing phase of a website. The main things we need to check from a WordPress website are the themes and plugins. But this free WPthemedetector tool provides us with more information about a WP blog. Here is the list of the thing we can see after using the WP Theme Detector tool.

  • Theme Name:
  • Theme Homepage:
  • Description:
  • Author:
  • Author Homepage:
  • Version:
  • License:
  • Tags:
  • Theme Screenshot:

These are the thing that will be seen in a few seconds and moreover, you will see all plugins used by a WordPress website by our whatwpthemeisthat free tool.

It will detect all working and active WordPress Plugins of the website. So I think this "What WP theme is that" tool is going to help you in any way for blogging.

Can I check if a website is built using WordPress or Not?

Is very easy to know if a website is WordPress-based, customized, or on any other CMS platform. You can simply insert a website URL in this tool and the tool will give you a notification if it is not on WordPress. And if it is based on WordPress then you will see installed themeinfo and plugin info on this page.