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All the bloggers and webmasters have the main goal to get a high ranking position in search results to improve their traffic, ultimately their sale. The top competitors have filled all the need for SEO and right code development, that is providing a good feature to their site ranking. They have developed it one time, and they are getting the right one, with without high investment now. But why we are not getting so much, we will have to examine our website with a good HTTP Headers tool online.

Do you know what is the mechanism to reading your HTTP code by browser? If a user made any request in a browser, the server of the website makes an HTTP status code to you browsers containing the information, what to do and which to deny for you.

Check which browser you are using with free tool What is my Browser, that will tell you about your browser information. 

We are providing a free tool that you can use to know what is the process and which requests are requested from your website, with code saved in your website header.

You have to do nothing at your end. Simply copy your website URL and paste in the tool and press the “Submit” button, and the rest process will be done at the end of the tool. You will see all the HTTP Headers information that your website has entered in the header section.

How to Use HTTP Headers Tool?

The HTTP Headers Tool is a useful and simple SEO tool that will help you to find what the status of your HTTP request headers is and what will be its effect on your website. 
You can simply use this tool via simple guideline, and get the complete live HTTP headers code detail in few seconds. What to do to Get HTTP Headers to follow these simple steps. 
First of all, is you are on this page then it's OK. But if you are not, then find this URL from  Google “Get HTTP Headers of any Webpage” by SEO tool checkers.  
First of all, open HTTP Header Check Tool from the link provided.
 After adding your site URL, simply press the “Submit” button and that all.
You will now see all the get HTTP Headers Tool results in front of you. 

Most known HTTP Status Codes List:

To use this tool, we must understand the purpose and the code status, that for which purpose they are used, and what will be done if we change our code from one to other code. You can find the common HTTP Status Codes that are recommended to know for the SEO purpose for webmaster and SEO experts.

200 (OK): This code means that the URL you are viewing has all the OK status. Nothing is broken, no redirect and the URL is simply opened and displayed in front of you. This code means, everything is fine without any disturbance. Check if your website has broken links online with simply broken link checker tool
403 (Forbidden): It is a self-explanatory code that means that it will affect your site badly. You have to fix it without losing any time. 403 Forbidden means that your URL is refusing to display for the Google Bots, and they are not going to be seen in search results. 
301 (Moved Permanently): This 301 HTTP status code is commonly used and for SEO ranking these days. If you are looking to redirect your URL to a permanent link and want that you’re all previous URL information may be transferred to the new URL, then is 301 Moved Permanently code is used. These day SEO experts are using this technique to get link juice from the high authority expired domain to their money sites. Check if you have the domain to buy online with bulk domain checker tool
404 (Not Found): This code means that the URL you are looking to load, have been deleted by the administrator and you will no longer be able to view it gains. The code explains that your page or website is deleted from the Server.
503 (The Server Is Temporary Unavailable): This 503 HTTP Headers status code means that the URL or website I temporality not available due to server error or updating, and will be live soon.