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The “Page Size Checker” is a free utility that is used to find how much size your webpage has. You can find its functionality from its name. As this website size checker reveals you can test what is the size of your site URL. This is the best tool that you can use with an eye-click function to know how much size your URL link has. The websites or pages that take a longer time than usual to load, then it must be checked if your page size has some extra load to remove. If your webpage is consuming more resources than usual, then the visitors may navigate to other websites, and hence the bounce rate may be increased and your site may not be seen in top search results.

If your page has some extra burden like videos, images, music, graphics, flash media, Iframes, or long CSS and JavaScript files then you must track your site page speed and also the size of the webpage to bring it back to its healthy form. So you must always check your site page size with any tool to bring your site in healthy condition and hence good performance. So you must check your URL size. You can inspect your website page size with this free website size checker which can bring the reasons why your page has more load time than your competitors. Check your site's Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator online. 

How to check website size by using Page Size Checker free?

A big announcement by Google clearly explains that a faster webpage may get a higher ranking than, big media pages, long-loading pages, and complicated web pages. So being a big organic traffic source we must follow the guidelines provided by big search engine giant “Google”. The basic principle of a webpage performance is measured by the load time of the page, that how much time it will take to appear or load fully viewable to the user. The average website size will be considered the time of load for a specific URL. This web page size inspector tool is to be used for the inspection and to increase the performance of your URL in loading perspectives. You can check your file via view source online, Try this tool "check source Code of Webpage" by seotoolcheckers.

You must be aware that if you have low web space and bandwidth on your web hosting, then it may be very hard to get an upgrade if you are not earning any penny. And you must be smart in this way. If your pages are too bulk in size, then the Webhosting Company can suspend your account, and you may be in trouble ranking at the previous position. So be careful about the size of your webpage size.

The reason behind the usage of Website Page Speed Checker in SEO:

In the above discussion, you may have seen it's essential to make your pages smart in size and load fast, so we must use a utility to set up our page with a reasonable size to load fast and make your website user-friendly and fast for search engine crawlers. The SEO tool checker has built this “Website Page Size Checker Tool” to make you more helpful in all kinds of features you may require to design your page. This website size checker is very simple to use, works very fast and you can use it as many times as you require, as we have not limited queries for our users.

How to use Website/webpage Page Size Checker Online?

If you have seen the interface of this website size checker, then you can easily understand the whole mechanism. You can easily use this How to Use Website Page Size Checker tool online to test your webpage size in a few seconds. Simply you have to enter your webpage URL and press check. The system will check your site URL and compile a simple report of your webpage size in Bytes and Kilobits (KB). If your site goes more than 3000 KB or 3MB, then you must think, why your pages are too much bulky to load. Mostly images cover more space, and media files contribute to exceeding your size limits. So try to remove or compress the images and media files to reduce the page size and hence increase your site speed.